Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Ready With The Girls!

Since I know several of my readers are here from Wedding Bee, I figured I'd feed your wedding appetites by writing some posts about our recent nuptials in Santa Barbara, CA.  Though it wasn't exactly the sunny California weather we are used to here, I think the day turned out beautifully.  In my totally unbiased opinion, of course.  I'll try to narrow down the 1,000+ pictures we have to give you a taste of our day.

To kick off these wedding recaps, I'll start with a few pictures of my bridesmaids helping me get ready.

Here's my dress, shoes, and flowers waiting for me...

In my attempt at sparing everyone the sight of my bum, I thought I could step into my gown and pull off the dress I was wearing over my head.  I didn't factor in the cathedral length veil that was now attached to my head.  So my bridesmaid Sally had to reach up under my gown and pull the dress down.  All the while being careful not to yank my undies down too.  So much for modesty!

Finally in the dress and zipped up, the girls button me up.  My seamstress gave me the great tip of using crochet hooks to button the little buttons.

My shoes and jewelry...

My something blue, Mom's ring...

My bouquet that I LOVED...

Applying some final touches before heading downstairs for our First Look.

Next week...our First Look.  Stay tuned!


  1. Aw fun! I had the same red shoes for my wedding! I love the little peep toe. You look gorgeous, that dress was perfect for you!

  2. haha. I did the same thing putting my dress on. It was a complete mess, but at lease no one saw my bum either.

  3. You are a gorgeous bride! Congratulations!

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the excitement of the moment, the pictures are so well taken that they share the emotion.
    Love your shoes, love that you wore red shoes.