Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday morning.  
I had eggs. 
I had bread.  
I had an idea to make Eggs in a Basket.  
So I looked up this recipe on The Pioneer Woman site 
and in about 5 minutes had breakfast ready. 

Here's how it went:

Cut a hole in the middle of your bread
I used a heart shape cookie cutter since it was our 6 month anniversary

Melt some butter in a pan
Toss the bread in 
(I also buttered the bread in hopes it would brown up nicely
...and because I love butter!)
Pour the egg in the middle
Season with salt & pepper
Let it cook a minute or so until it sets up

Carefully flip it over and cook another couple minutes
This was a little tricky to not splatter the egg all over the place
Season with more salt & pepper
Cook until the yolk is still soft but not totally jiggly
The egg below is overcooked, with a hard yolk. 
But still tasty.