Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Snaps and Cheesecake Bars!

Happy Monday!
It's even happier for those of you that have the day off.
The only patient I had scheduled for today called to cancel, so I unexpectedly got the day off too.  Yay!

This past weekend was part busy, and part completely lazy.  
A perfect combination, if you ask me.

We started off with some breakfast at IHOP, which I hadn't been to in probably 15 years.
You really can't go wrong with pancakes, hashbrowns, and eggs all for under $10.

Then we took a tour of the maternity floor of a local hospital.
We have the choice between 2 hospitals, and we definitely liked the one we saw last week better.
It was bigger, newer, and overall had a nicer feeling to it.
(Although seeing those hospital beds was a little scary and a bit too "real" for me!)
 But it may come down to simple finances if there's a large cost difference between the two.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the nicer hospital!

Here I am at 21 weeks and counting...

After the tour we got ready for a party at my sister's house.
I whipped up some cheesecake bars and drizzled chocolate on to make them pretty.

My sister made all the other food for her party,
including pulled pork sandwiches, orzo salad, and cole slaw.
It was all very yummy, and this is where I spent most of the evening...

On Sunday, I pretty much spent the entire day on the couch
and started working on this...

I'm making a baby blanket using this pattern and fun bright colors.
I like the way it's turning out so far.  Hopefully the baby will like it too!

To wrap up the weekend, Cheeto decided to go surfing...

I don't think he was a fan of the wax on the surfboard 
since he kept picking up his paws and shaking them.  
I don't think our dreams of having a surfing cat are gonna come true.
Maybe we'll try scuba diving?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. The cheesecake bars look so good! I love making cheesecake, but haven't tried bars yet. They seem like such a better idea for a party- easier to grab! :)

  2. Okay. 1. You are a super-cute pregnant chick! :) and 2. Those cheesecake bars look so incredibly delicious! My mouth is literally watering! and 3. That baby blanket pattern is great!