Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2011

New Year's Eve was relatively calm here.  I'm past the stage of needing to go out and party, plus being pregnant kinda puts a damper on all of that.

We spent the afternoon shopping for maternity clothes, because my jeans aren't gonna fit over my growing bump, and butt, much longer.  When we got home we took a walk down to the beach, which was very foggy and cold, giving everything an eerie type of vibe.

Later we went to a nice dinner, then home to watch a movie (Super 8), and the countdown on our couch.  For us, it was perfect.

New Years morning we noshed on breakfast - French toast, breakfast potatoes, and scrambled eggs - then spent the day cleaning and relaxing at home.

Tonight we are going to break in our new pannini press.  Exciting times at our house!

Heading out for dinner...
There's definitely a bump!

A delicious way to start the new year!

Hope you've had a fun, safe, and happy New Year!


  1. this looks like a perfect new years. and the bump is pretty cute.