Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Week Ago...

Our baby girl Evelyn entered the world.

The stats:
Name - Evelyn Kay
Birthdate - May 24, 2012
Time - 6:01 am
Weight - 8lbs 13oz
Length - 19.75 inches

On our way home from the hospital...

Our first day home, in grandma's arms...

Her delivery was very different than I had thought it would be and included 
3 sleepless nights in "pre-labor,"
16 hours at the hospital,
a baby who wouldn't turn face down,
and an unplanned c-section.

But it also ended in this sweet face...

What more could I ask for?


  1. Congrats!! She is gorgeous and such a lovely name xoxoxo

  2. Yay!!! How exciting! Congrats! She is soooooo cute! and love her name!

  3. congratulations!! she's beautiful and i absolutely love her name!

  4. So precious!! We have that same car seat. :) Were you in the hospital during pre-labor or were you at least able to be at home and not sleep?

    1. I was at home during the pre-labor. I started having contractions about 5 days earlier that would only come at night and go away during the day. They got worse each night until the last two nights were very painful and kept me up all night. We decided to induce b/c my doctor was afraid if I went much longer I'd be too fatigued to make it through labor. I hope your labor is much easier!

  5. omg she is beautiful! congratulations! x