Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Guess This is What They Call Nesting!

After finishing my baby blanket a few weeks ago
I was left with a big bag of leftover yarn
and a strong nesting instinct starting to kick in.
So I found some free crochet patterns and got to work.

The first is the caterpillar toy that I made into a rattle
by putting a cat toy in the head.

I was a bit nervous that I couldn't pull it off,
since the only thing I've ever made is blankets.
But the pattern was super easy and it was done within a day.
You can find that pattern here.

Once I finished that project,
I got inspired to make more crochet animals.
I found this adorable turtle on the Lion Brand website and got to work.

This was also surprisingly easy.
The most tedious part was sewing on all the little feet and tail.
You can find the pattern here.

There are all sorts of cute animal patterns that I'd like to try
like this penguin or this little piggie.
But with only 15 days till my due date
I think my little crochet zoo may have to wait!


  1. awe they are sooo sweet!! Great job

  2. those are so adorable! can't wait to see more zoo animals once the little one is here.