Monday, May 6, 2013

9 months

Evelyn's 9 month update...
only about 3 months late!  

I think the days of photos of her laying on the blanket are long gone.
It's near impossible to get a clear picture of her these days
since she's constantly in movement.

I definitely can't turn my back for long,
or else she'll topple right over the edge of a chair.

She's mastered climbing up the stairs
but hasn't gotten the hang of going down yet.
She loves to walk around our furniture
and play on her music table 
(best. Christmas. present. ever!)


  1. I can't believe how quickly she has grown! Actually, I can because mine has, too!! :) And yeah, I don't understand why they don't want to lay on their backs anymore. Don't they know we need photos? :)

  2. AWWWW Such a big girl. Isn't it cute watching babys climb the stairs- they do it so quickly and full of mission.