Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6 and 7 Months

Evelyn turned 6 and 7 months in November and December,
so obviously these updates are a bit late.
I wasn't even going to post them but let's admit it,
these updates are more for me than for you!
I love looking back at the photos and seeing how much she's grown.

Here she is at 6 months, right before Thanksgiving.

And at 7 months on Christmas Eve

It's amazing how big she's getting.
Those jeans in the 6 month picture?  Yeah, they're more like capris now.
And we had to lower her crib mattress yesterday because she's starting to pull up on it.

She's been so much fun the past two months that I kinda want to keep her this age forever.
But it's so fun to watch her explore and learn new things.

Her latest accomplishments include:
* army crawling at 6 months
* real crawling at 7 months
* kneeling (to try to push over the baby gate)
* sitting up if she's placed there
* drinking out of a real cup
* loving just about any food (except avocados and bananas)
* plenty of laughing, squealing, and babbling

Time really is flying by
and I know her 1st birthday will sneak up on us before we know it.
So I'm trying to soak up all this baby-ness before she's a full blown toddler.
Maybe by then she'll have some hair!

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  1. I'm always behind on posting updates too... but its worth it in the end. Such cute photos!!