Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We had a rather low key weekend here
involving a sick baby (pink eye and a nasty cold),
a pancake breakfast,
and a holiday baking day.

crusty pink eye 

pancake morning


holiday treats 

almost crawling

We have yet to put up the Christmas decorations
(there are still mini pumpkins on our table!)
but we are slowly getting into the holiday spirit.
Things just seem to take a bit more time
when you have a little one to chase after.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Look at her go!! Also, that poor crusty eye - M has had it twice now. It's so sad! Our Christmas decorating is complete. We skipped outside this year because it was so much work! It is so.much.harder. with a little one who needs you a lot. Your treats look delicious!!

  2. aw :( sick babies are never fun. she is so cute though!

  3. Oooh! Hope your little one is feeling better!!
    At least you had some pancakes to make the family feel better! :)