Monday, December 3, 2012


I've been neglecting this little bloggy blog a lot lately,
but that doesn't mean I don't think about it often.
So many times during the week something will happen, or I'll make a new recipe and I'll think,
"Hey, that'd make a good blog post!"
And then the baby cries.  Or dinner needs to be made.  
Or I just want to sit and watch Bill & Giuliana.
So to get things rolling again, here's an update of my life lately...


Evelyn has started solids.  Which has meant middle of the night poopslosions.
I believe this is butternut squash.

My husband's fish Grimlock that he's had since college passed away.
I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've been really sad to lose a fish.
RIP big guy.

I got all fancied up and attended a gala with my sister.
I rented my dress, a Badgley Mischka, from Rent The Runway.
I don't think I'm every buying a fancy dress again.

Aren't we glamorous?

And someone had her first ear infection
but smiled and laughed her way through most of it.

Note the runny nose
and reflection of her cute little butt in the mirror.


I've got  few posts planned for the near future.
Here's to hoping I actually am able to get them done!

Happy December!


  1. Sick babies and poopsplosions are no fun but naked babies at the pediatrician sure are cute. :) Look at you all dolled up, you look great!! Also, that is a HUGE fish!! Sorry he's gone. :(

  2. Ha! Poopsplosions! You crack me up!
    Hope her tummy adjusts sooner rather than later!
    You and your sister looked absolutely fabulous! I've always wanted to attend a fancy gala!