Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Every night before I go to bed
I sneak into Evelyn's room
to steal a peek at her sleeping.

Sleeping babies have got to be one of the cutest, 
most precious things on earth.

I can't resist patting her little bottom
and petting her head.
And sometimes I sneak in a few pictures too.

Here she is cuddled up with her lovey.

She's never really taken to a pacifier, 
but she loves having something soft to chew on while she sleeps.
We have two of these hippos that get rotated weekly.

That face.  Those lips.
My heart melts every time.


  1. Sigh. Yes, melt is a good word for it. These sleepy photos are just so heart warming. I love that she snuggles with the hippo. My daughter didn't take to a lovey of any sort other than her thumb.

  2. she is too cute. i love sleeping babies!