Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Months

Evelyn had her three month birthday the other week and I can now repeat what every other parent on the face of the earth has said before....the time sure does fly by quickly.  A couple months ago, the three month mark seemed so far away and now it has already passed us by.  I was looking forward to this month because it's when her so called "fourth trimester" would be over and she would (hopefully) be a little less fussy.  And now I can safely say she's definitely a much happier and interactive baby than before.  That's not to say she doesn't fuss anymore....the girl sure does know what she wants (mainly being held and nursing) and tends to throw tantrums when she doesn't get it.  I sense a little girl with a strong personality is going to emerge soon!  But she's also full of gummy little smiles, lots of little coos and squeals, and buckets of drool.

I could have sworn she gained at least 2 pounds and grew several inches since last month, but she only gained 1 pound and 1 inch, putting her at 12 lbs, 4 oz and 23.75 inches (right in the 50th percentile for both).

This past month saw a growth spurt, a serious dislike of naps, a total change up of the sleep schedule I thought we'd finally accomplished, lots of new sounds like "aahh" "mmm" and high pitched squealing, the need to put just about anything in her mouth, and a love for her new Baby Einstein's Take Along Tunes (or as we call it, her ipod).We started going to a Mommy and Me class, which she seems to really enjoy.  She likes to look around at all the other babies and smiles whenever we sing songs.  We've also started taking morning walks to Starbucks and the park, where we lay out under a big tree and play.  She continues to be a super alert and inquisitive baby, always looking around with her eyes wide open.  She's turned into a (mostly) happy baby and it's fun to play and talk with her every day.

Her daddy and I are so excited to see what new changes every week and month brings.  It really is amazing to see this little person grow and change in front of our eyes, and we are trying to cherish all the little moments as we know they'll fly by.

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  1. hahahha super cute :) Love her facial expressions!