Friday, April 27, 2012

Surviving the Lowest Point - Our Last Day in Death Valley!

After a good night's sleep in a comfy bed,
we visited some old trains and wagons scattered around the ranch
before filing up on some really expensive gas
and heading out to our final stops in the park.

We hiked partway into Golden Canyon...

Where I fell in love with the layered rock formations.

Then we headed to the Devil's Golf Course
where strange salt formations have formed 
where Lake Manly once stood.

Next was the Artist's Drive,
named for the colors found in the mountains,
like a painter's palette. 

Then it was the natural bridge,
which looked like it was about to fall any second now.

And finally, one of the highlights of the trip,
the Badwater Basin.

It's the lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere
at 282 feet below sea level.

And it's only 135 miles from Mt. Whitney,
the highest point in the Northern Hemisphere.

Crazy, huh?

A looooong time ago, this was covered by water.
Like this lake, but much bigger...

When it dried up in the 120 degree heat
it left these salt flats that look and kinda feel like snow.
And, according to my sister, it tastes very salty.
Go figure.

After Badwater Basin, we headed out of the park
and on our way home.
But not before running into this guy trying to cross the road.

He was just about the only wildlife we saw all weekend.
After that, we felt like our trip was complete,
and started the four hour drive back home.

My little Prius drove about 1,000 miles in 3 days,
including several dirt roads, and held up like a champ
(and got about 45 mpg!)

I would have never thought to take a trip to Death Valley,
but after seeing how beautiful it really is,
and how much it has to offer,
I can't wait to take the hubby back someday.

Thanks for tagging along, 
and sticking with me for a week's worth 
of Death Valley posts!

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