Monday, February 20, 2012

Meatless Monday: Roasted Veggie Stacked Enchiladas

I mentioned these enchiladas from Two Peas & Their Pod last week
when I decided to make the butternut squash soup instead.
Eventually, I got around to making these and am I glad I did!

I've made several versions of enchiladas before
but have never tried stacking them.
The flavors are pretty much the same but I think it's a little more fun when they're stacked.
It's kinda like a mexican version of lasagna.
And it's easier to put together, 
since you don't have to worry about the tortillas cracking when you roll them up.

First, you roast up a tray full of veggies.
I used onion, orange bell pepper, zucchini, and yellow squash.
When they're done, let them cool to room temp.

To build your enchiladas,
start with some enchilada sauce in the bottom of your dish.
Then layer it with four small tortillas.
I cut mine to make them fit nicely.

Follow that with another layer of sauce,
a layer of veggies,
and a layer of cheese.

Repeat the process 3 more times.
Top with cheese, pop in the oven, 
and 30 minutes later you have this hot cheesy goodness.


I know these aren't the prettiest pictures around,
but my kitchen really sucks for photographing food.
There is no natural light whatsoever
and no matter where I stand, there's always a shadow.

Yet somehow, these enchiladas still look delicious
(despite some seriously lacking photography skills).

I'm too lazy to post the recipe here
so just head on over to Two Peas & Their Pod and get it there!


  1. Oh goodness! My mouth is watering! This looks fabulous! Great job!

  2. that looks so good!! i'm seriously craving mexican food!